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Smart Airborne and Heliborne Solutions for Mission Superiority

For over four decades Elisra, a world leader in advanced integrated EW Solutions, has been keeping aircraft at the cutting edge of technology and constantly fit for new changing and challenging new needs.
The systems Elisra develops, manufactures, supplies and supports, loyally and successfully serve both the Israeli Airforce and forces all over the world.
Be it Self Protection Systems that guarantee survivability for Fighter Aircraft or Helicopters facing modern combat situations, Transport, Reconnaissance and Intelligence Missions, Utility Aircraft or Civil Aviation – Elisra covers it all!
Elisra's spectrum of Solutions includes a family of tailored Self Protection Suites – from Warning Systems – RWR, LWS or MWS through Active Systems making sure you get the mission done and return home safely.
Cutting edge Elint Solutions enable platforms – fixed wing, helicopters or unmanned – to gather, process and deliver data of critical value in real time.
Sophisticated design, constantly enriched by real–time battlefield feedback, result in the creation of Elisra's worldly appreciated wide offering. Answering the wildest dreams of pilot and other operators, platform designers or armed forces commanders- Elisra provides them all with reliable, efficient, condensed, friendly fully integrated and wisely installed systems.
All in one or segment by segment, the Elisra systems maintain flexibility while sustaining the top performance required.
Elisra. Enforcing your Air Superiority. Because we care.


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