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Elisra, a world leader in advanced airborne, naval and ground EW, Intelligence, Communication and Microwave Components solutions for over four decades, is a main supplier to the armed forces in over 40 countries worldwide.
Comprised of Elisra Electronic Systems Ltd., Tadiran Electronic Systems Ltd. and Tadiran Spectralink Ltd., Elisra designs, develops, manufactures, integrates and supports advanced systems solutions in the following major Products lines : New Generation, Integrated Self-Protection Suites, including: Multi Spectral EW Payloads with Radar Warning Receivers, Laser Warning System, Passive IR Missile Warning System, Chaff and Flare Dispensing System for Fighters, Helicopters, Transport Aircraft and MPA. SIGINT Systems with C4ISTAR, COMINT DF/ ELINT/ECM; Full C4I Solutions – all Battlefield Command Chains,; Battlefield Management and Control including Artillery C4I Systems; Theater Missile Defense including Test Bed; Advanced Search and Rescue Systems; Data Links for UAVs & Guided Munitions and microwave components & subsystems used as building-blocks to the systems developed in the company.

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