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News / Paris, June 2009

Elisra – News and Accomplishments

Paris, June 2009 - Elisra, recognized worldwide as an EW and IEW leader and known for, among others, battle proven RF, IR, and SIGINT solutions, will showcase its latest EW, intelligence and communications products, systems, and self protection suites, including its venerable MWS (Missile Warning Systems), at this year's Paris Air Show, in the Israel Pavilion, Elbit Systems stand, June 15-21.

  • Elisra's recent Advanced Self Protection Suites (ASPS), described as groundbreaking, combine both passive and active warning, situation awareness, and jamming systems, into an integrated unit.
  • Elisra's IR family of solutions features a cutting edge technology which has been successfully proven operationally. Employing this technology broadly, the company has extended the applications from a comprehensive set of aerial solutions, to ground applications. Elisra boasts a global leadership role with the number and variety of products based on IR technologies, and which can claim successful combat deployments.
  • Elisra’s PAWS (Passive Approach Warning Systems) family underscores its unique position in offering operational missile warning systems for both airborne and ground based IR platforms. PAWS is the cornerstone of the first and only family of operationally deployed and combat proven EO self protection suites using Staring IR Missile Approach Warning Systems.
  • Elisra’s integrated electro-optical IR self protection suites provide powerful and optimal protection aimed at missiles and small arms fire, while seamlessly integrating countermeasures and providing situational awareness, collision alert, and shooter locator.
  • Elisra's self-protection suites have been selected by the Israel Air Force where they are repeatedly proven operationally on aircraft including the F-15I, F-16I, and the Apache Longbow helicopter.
  • Elisra's Data Links technologies are integrated on a variety of aerial platforms including all types of UAVs, helicopters, and latest generation fighter aircraft deployed with Air Forces around the globe.
  • Elisra is a known unified systems provider. The company has created a next generation in the development of passive and active unified systems based on RF and IR technologies.
  • Elisra's EW systems are dual use solutions, combining protection for both platform and mission with intelligence gathering, and shortening sensor to shooter cycle, using IR, RF, and Laser technologies.
  • Elisra's recent awards include an RF and IR integrated system for Brazil's AMX, and C-130s for the Republic of Korea, as well as systems supplied for Korea's AT-50,and CH-53 helicopters for Germany, special systems for an Electronic Surveillance aerial platform for an undisclosed European customer, and ESM systems for the Canadian Navy. Additionally, Elisra continues to be Israel's EW source with recent contracts of its MWS systems, among others, to be supplied for the protection of passenger aircraft for the three Israeli civilian airline companies as well as for all planes and helicopters of the Israel Air Force.
  • Elisra's MWS (Missile Warning Systems) are compatible with every type of active EW solution from FLARE to DIRCM.
  • Elisra's recent development of new Data Links for tactical UAVs and other unmanned platforms boasts myriad unique capabilities, as well as COMINT and ELINT, and Data solutions.
  • Elisra continues to develop a line of products and systems which enable the transfer of a "smart picture" from aerial platforms to the battlefield commander on the ground in real time.
  • Elisra continues to be a world leader in search and rescue systems.

About Elisra

Elisra, a world leader for over 4 decades in the field of Electronic and Information Warfare as well as Intelligence and C3 systems has been the source of these solutions deployed in modern defense forces of over 40 countries world wide. The company develops designs, manufactures, integrates and supports advanced EW, Intelligence (RF and IR based technologies) and Communication solutions, for air, sea and land applications. Elisra, 70% owned by Elbit Systems Ltd., and 30% by Elta Systems Ltd. (an IAI subsidiary), comprises of Elisra Electronic Systems, Tadiran Electronic Systems and Tadiran Spectralink.

For further information, contact:
Oreet – International Media, Press Relations for Elisra Group
Tel: +972-3-5706527
Fax: +972-3-5706526
E-mail: elinor@oreet-marcom.com
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