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Adopted and integrated over the years, Elisra's values help define the company, create its unique internal environment, and ensure close ongoing relationship with our customers and partners. 


Excellence - Combining the professionalism and innovation of our highly skilled personnel in the
creation of our systems, products, processes, and services

Customer-Focused - Adding true value for our customers through a deep and ongoing understanding
of their evolving needs

Integrity - Being guided by the highest ethical standards in all our activities and decisions

Human Capital - Emphasizing the value of every individual and his or her unique contribution

A Learning Organization - Continually redesigning our company and creating new shared concepts
for the mutual understanding of ongoing changes

Organizational Learning - Recognizing and rapidly adapting to internal and external changes, learning
from experience and utilizing this learning in future planning

Community Involvement - Contributing to the welfare and improvement of our society, and encouraging
the involvement of our employees in community activities

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