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The horizons and possibilities of the digital battlefield are expanding at a pace that challenges every defense force at the same time that swiftly changing geo-political realities are transforming the arena.
Nations must now have the capabilities for rapid, effective decision-making and action by leaner, more mobile forces empowered by mission-proof technologies Defense equipment vendors must have an impeccable, proven record, because they are the backbone of tomorrow’s battlefield.

Elisra: In the Vanguard of R&D
Elisra’s Electronic Warfare and Communications tri-service solutions for air, ground and sea directly address the needs of the new and constantly changing arenas and developments.
They are the result of an unremitting R&D commitment driven by the harsh lessons of combat reality, and the experience and insight derived from continuous interaction with customers. This dialogue enables Elisra to anticipate and prepare for the future through innovations based on its combat-proven systems, which have been deployed in some of the most challenging defense conflicts of our times. The emerging demands of the modern battlefield are directly answered by Elisra’s multi-faceted technology infrastructure, developed over decades. Elisra’s cutting edge R&D draws on a rich technology reservoir, ensuring that solutions are timely and operative.

Looking Ahead
Elisra’s innovation record reflects a company-culture that encourages and rewards “out-of-the-box” thinking and teamwork just as important, Elisra’s R&D is always based on the real world constraints of defense scenarios, where reliable performance, human engineering and flexibility are a must. Elisra’s record of innovation draws on years of substantial financial investments in R&D and the highest caliber work force.
Elisra has introduced “all-in-one” solutions that take miniaturization, integration and performance to new heights. By combining all systems, from sensors through C4I and Communication systems into a unified solution for a single operator, Elisra is significantly shortening the sensor-to-shooter loop, enabling EW to directly access weapon systems.

Elisra: Always Responsive
The defense needs, challenges and constraints of every nation differ. Elisra’s engineers, scientists and technicians are dedicated to ensuring that Elisra’s solutions are field-driven by the customer’s parameters and budgets. Learning the customer’s challenges, supporting integration and providing long-term service, the Elisra team creates a long term relationship with customers to maximize the value of their investment.
Elisra is also responsive to the sensitive defense requirements of its customers, and provides them with the tools to input and support the capabilities and information that reflect their particular environment and needs.

Elisra: A Full Spectrum of Solutions
Through the front-ranking capabilities and interaction of these companies, Elisra offers outstanding, proven solutions in EW, Intelligence Including full SIGINT solutions, IR,  C4I, Search and Rescue, Microwave Components, DL and Communications, and Spectrum Control for air, sea and ground deployments.
Since the early 1960s, Elisra has been cooperating with armed forces worldwide.
Today, Elisra’s solutions are delivering top performance in over 25 countries.

Elisra: A Partner for the Future
The strong cooperation within Elisra is matched by a growing number of teaming agreements and strategic alliances with international defense companies.
Through these frameworks, Elisra promotes the mutual interests of Elisra's divisions, the end-customers and the prime contractor.

An Invitation
We invite you to learn more about our strengths and capabilities, through this brochure and direct contact with us. We invite you to discuss how we can promote your goals and continued success.

Itschak Gat

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